The Spinlever® Method

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The Spinlever® Method

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A Unique Method

Our unique method is the result of an in-depth analysis of the needs of numerous companies, leveraging our solid app, design, and marketing know-how.

Starting from business ideas, problems or opportunities, we develop functional, appealing and optimized apps to quickly gain visibility on different app stores.


The uniqueness of our strategic and professional approach is based on careful planning and application of industry best practices.

We are experts in interpreting our clients’ needs and turning them into successful solutions that meet users’ expectations.


Through our experience and dedication, we are able to offer a high level of service, ready to respond to business needs with efficiency and competence.

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Main Advantages

The benefits of applying the Spinlever® Method are countless and each of them is applicable to specific cases.

Below is a list of those we have noticed to be most important to our clients:

To learn more about our method and its other benefits or to request other types of information, you can request a free call by filling out the form below or in the Contact page.

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Who is it Designed for?

Our unique approach is specially designed for companies that have already started the digitization process or want to expand their business by taking advantage of the enormous opportunities of the app world, such as the ability to easily reach their customers at any time, open new sales channels for their business, simplify and speed up work for their employees and contractors, and much more.


The Services page provides additional information, benefits and details specific to your business needs.

With our assistance, you can optimize your company’s online presence and achieve maximum growth potential.


We are always ready to help companies transform and adapt effectively and strategically to the digital world.

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Ten Steps to Success

Our method consists of ten important steps:
  1. Free Initial Consultation: We offer detailed consultation to understand the needs of companies that have already started the digitization process. You can fill out the form in the Contact section to learn more.

  2. Feasibility Analysis: We conduct an in-depth analysis to assess the feasibility of the application and study the most suitable solutions.

  3. Technical and Commercial Consulting: We provide specialized consulting to guide companies through crucial technical and commercial decisions.

  4. App Architecture Creation: We create a robust and customized architecture that promotes high app fluency and easy and inexpensive maintenance in the future.

  5. Cloud Platform Design: We design a scalable and secure cloud platform in order to better manage user security and be able to effectively analyze usage data.
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  1. UI and UX Creation: We make a detailed wireframe representing the structure and functionality of the application. We then design an attractive interface that enables an intuitive user experience to maximize the usability and likability of the app.

  2. App Development and Backend Integration: We develop the app using state-of-the-art technologies and integrate a robust backend to manage the data and functionality. All while ensuring maximum privacy of user data and an extremely smooth experience.

  3. App Testing: We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the quality, stability and security of the app.

  4. App Multimedia Asset Production and Store Upload: Asset Production and Store Upload: We create ad-hoc material to make the app unique on app stores. It is essential to create images and text that entice users to download the app. The app is subsequently uploaded to the major app stores, namely: App Store®, Play Store® and App Gallery®, to achieve maximum visibility right from the start.

  5. Positioning Optimization and Data Analysis: Strategies are adopted to improve the positioning of the app so that it reaches the top of the stores, surpassing those of competitors to gain the market.
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